Resin Softener


Resin Softener

Water refreshes our life. Our everyday life revolves around water, and we use water for all basic amenities. Like bathing, washing clothes, cleaning cars, etc.., any concerns with water can halt our daily life; few of such problems with water are Hard water, Unfiltered &Odour in water, Mud and Mock, Chemicals, Carbon and Iron in our overhead tank water. These impurities can badly affect our health and lifestyle with symptoms like Hair Fall, Skin Problems, Geyser Damage, Solar scaling’s, Bath Fittings, Allergies, Damaging Piping system etc.

Turbo Water Softener

Sunway Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Manufacturer & Distributor for Turbo Water Softeners in Bangalore. Turbo Water Softener uses the Best Quality Resin with high exchange capacity. Turbo products are economically priced and come with a wide range of products.

Our in house R & D Division continuously works towards providing the best product suitable for Indian Conditions. After thorough study of water quality and living habit in India, Our qualified engineers designed Water Softeners for the Indian subcontinent markets which will perform the most. Its unique tall design allows us to take maximum possible output from the product by providing maximum contact time for the resin media to soften the hard water.

Resin Water Softener

Applicable areas

Whole House Water Softener

TURBO uses the World Class Resins of C500 grade in all models of Water Softeners. We have 3 Models that are commonly used in Individual Villas as Whole House Water Softener. Our World class softeners treat hard water of 1500 ppm to below 50 ppm hardness. The 3 models are
  • TURBO 2000 LPH – Use 50 Litre Resin
  • TURBO 3000 LPH – Use 100 Litre Resin
  • TURBO 6000 LPH – Use 175 Litre Resin
Call us for a Free Inspection and Water Testing for recommending which models is Ideal at your Villa.

Water Softener

As years pass by, Water is getting Harder and Harder. In BangaloreAll Apartments, Tech Parks, Industries, Hospitals, Commercial complexes, Gated Villa Community’s all are depending on consuming Hard water for their daily usages. We provide our Water softeners for all commercial and Industrial uses. We have done Major Projects throughout PAN India & Bangalore which include Apartments and other commercial complexes. TURBO High series provides a wide range of water softeners for Commercial usage, ranging from 9000 LPH to 60000 LPH.

Apartment / Commercial Water Softener

Applicable areas

Sand Filter

TURBO provide wide range of Sand Filters. We Use 3 gradient of Sand of High quality. This will give a clean and all suspended particle will be captured in the sand media, which can be cleaned in back wash. The Product ranges from 3000 LPH to 40000 LPH.

Carbon Filter

We have wide range of Carbon filters from 2000 LPH to 20000 LPH. The Activated Carbon are of International Quality and will absorb any kind of smell, color and Turbidity of the water that passes through.

Iron Filter

Turbo had wide range of Iron filters and medias, capacity of 2000LPH to 9000. The media had different variety ranging from Indian media and German media for better results. The filtering capacity is best in the industry.
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